The Electrochemical Society of India, ECSI in short, took its birth on the Campus of the Indian Institute of Science in the year 1964 due to the untiring efforts of Professor T. L. Rama Char of the Department of Inorganic and Physical Chemistry. Almost a decade before that he had initiated the formation of the India Section of the Electrochemical Society (USA) and also started the Journal of the Electrochemical Society of India (JECSI).

The Society was registered in the State of Karnataka (the then Mysore State) on 19 March 1964 with the following seven persons under writing its formation: Prof. T L Rama Char, Dr. B N Kappanna, Dr. S. Krishnamurthy, The first President of the Society was Dr. Kappanna. And the Soceity started functioning in a very modest way in the office of Prof. T L Rama Char.

Membership of the Society was open to any Graduates in Engineering and Science with interest in any branch of Electrochemistry and allied subjects. The

The following categories of Memberships are available:

Patron: Any Individual or Institution who in the interest of the Society donates a sum of INR 1,00,000 or above. A patron can nominate a member to represent him on the Governing Council and also be considered as a Member of the Society for services

Sustaining Member: Industries engaged in Electrochemical pursuits in terms of products and services and pay a sum of INR 50,000. A Sustaining Member identifies one of its employees to receive all information and services from the society.

Individual Member (Life): Graduates in Engineering and/or Science, interested in Electrochemistry and Allied subjects. This category of members is for a period of 20 years. Extendable at the end of 20 years for a suitable further period at the request of the member and payment of an additional fee.

Institutional Member: Educational Institutions who teach and conduct research in Electrochemistry and allied subjects.

Associate Member: Persons interested in being associated with Electrochemical Industries and have wide experience in the Industry. This membership is also in the Life Member Category and has a tenure of twenty years.

Student Member:  Students studying for a degree in course in Science or Engineering with interest in Electrochemical Science and Technology may opt for this category. The membership ceases as soon as they complete studies and graduate.

Persons interested in becoming member of the Society can download the appended Application form, Fill up and send it to the Secretary, ECSI, Indian institute of Science Campus, Bangalore 560012, along with the necessary payment. Election to membership will be intimated immediately after the GC Meeting is held after the receipt of the application form. All elected members will find their names and profiles in the membership Directory.

All Members qualify to receive soft copies of the Journal of the electrochemical Society of India.

FELLOW: Highly qualified persons and persons with experience as well those who render yeomen service to the society may be invited by the Governing Council of the Society to be nominated as Fellow of ECSI.

Fellows and Members of the electrochemical Society can use the description of MECSI and FECSI to follow their degrees.

Click here to see a list of Members of the Society.

Honorary FELLOW: Highly Distinguished personalities and those who render distinguished service t the ECSI may be Invited by the Governing Council for the Society to be conferred with the Honourary Fellowship of the Society. The Fellowship is conferred during the naugural Functions of International Conferences organized by ECSI or during the National Seminar on Electrochemical Science and Technology organized normally during the month of August each year. Click here to see a list of Honorary Fellows of ECSI).

Life Time Achievement Award: The Governing Council has been conferring the Life Time Achievement Award on persons who have rendered distinguished service in the Field of Electrochemical Science and Technology and allied Fields. Fellows and Members of the Society may bring the attention of the Council to such persons. (Click here to see a list of Life Time Awardees).


The Society has a collection of over 3000 books in nearly all fields of Electrochemical Science, Technology and Engineering. Members of the society may visit the Society office, borrow the books for purposes of reading and reference. Books are not to be carried outside the Office. Click here to see a catalogue of books in the ECSI Library.


The Electrochemical Society has instituted several awards to be given every year to persons selected by an appointed Committee scrutinising the nominations.

B S Seshadri Memorial MASCOT National Award

(Carries a Cash prize of Rs. 25,000 and a Citation).

Nominations are sought from Higher Institutes of Education, National Laboratories, engineering Colleges, and Industrial Research Laboratories. Nominations may be submitted at any time of the year. All nominations received till the end of May each year is considered by an appointed committee to select the Awardee for that Financial Year (1 April to 31 March)

The N M Sampath Award

(Carries a Cash Prize of Rs. 20,000 and a Citation)

Nominations are sought from Higher Institutes of Education, National Laboratories, engineering Colleges, and Industrial Research Laboratories. Nominations may be submitted at any time of the year. All nominations received till the end of May each year is considered by an appointed committee to select the Awardee for that Financial Year (1 April to 31 March)


Best Paper Award in the Areas of Electrochemistry, Corrosion and Metal Finishing. These awards are given to authors of papers published in the JECSI every year adjudged to be the best among all the papers accepted and published in the Journal in that year.

Special Lectures:

Several Memorial and Endowment lectures have been instituted in the memory of very distinguished members of the Society.

The Professor T L Rama Char Memorial Lecture. Instituted in the year 1992 in the memory of Prof. T L Rama Char, the founder of the Society and served as Professor at the Department of Inorganic and Physical Chemistry Department at the Indian Institute of Science. This lecture is very ably co-sponsored by the Malleswaram Cooperative Bank Limited, in memory of the services Prof. Rama Char rendered at the Bank. Prof. Rama Char was a President of the Society in the early formative years. (To see a list of speakers who have given this lecture so far Click Here).

Dr. S. Krishnamurthy Memorial Lecture: Instituted in Memory of Dr. S. Krishnamurthy, who was one of the earlier Presidents of the Society and was responsible for the growth of the society. After his passing away I the year 2002, his wife came forward to create a corpus which would support the holding of this memorial lecture. (To see a list of people who have given this lecture so far, Click here.)

Dr. B S Seshadri Memorial Lecture: With a view to promote the study of Electrochemistry and allied Sciences and Engineering, Dr. B S Seshadri created an endowment in the tear 2003 to support the holding of a lecture every year at the Central College under the joint auspices of the College and the ECSI, especially to be organized on or around the Teacher’s Day (September 5). After his sudden demise in 2013, the Endowment Lecture was renamed Memorial lecture in his name. (To see a list of speakers who have given this lecture so far, Click here).

The S M Mayanna Endowment Lecture: With a view to encourage and promote studies in Electrochemical Science and Technology, Professor S M Mayanna created an endowment in the Society in the year 2003 to organize a lecture by an eminent Scientist or Industrialist on an annual basis. (To see a list of Speakers who have given the S M Mayanna endowment Lecture, Click Here).


National Seminar on Electrochemical Science and Technology is the title of the Annual Event organized by the Society Every year during the month of July each year. Short titled NSEST, this seminar is very popular among young research workers and students. It is normally a 2-day event in which during the Inaugural function on the first day, various ECSI Awards are presented. In the evening the Prof. T L Rama Char memorial lecture is held jointly with the Department of Inorganic and Physical Chemistry, IISc., and supported by the generous grant from the Malleswaram Cooperative Bank Limited, Malleswaram, Bangalore.

International Conferences: The Society has organized a number of International Conferences over the alst 50 years. Notable among them are the INCOSURF (International Conference on Surface engineering) and ICONEST (International Conference on Electrochemical Science and Technology with the themes – Energy, environment and Electrochemistry).

Seminars and Workshops: On an average, the Society organizes 2-3 Seminars and Workshops on different subjects during the year. The subjects in focus include – Corrosion and Protection, Electroplating, Electroforming, Effluent Treatment, Water and Air Pollution and Control, Metal finishing Technologies, Batteries, Painting and Coating, e-Waste Problems and Processing, Standards and Specifications,

Industrial Clinics and Training Programmes: Members of the ECSI organize one-day clinics to help Industries gain expertise in specific areas of work. Recently training programmes have been held in the areas of electroplating, Spray Painting, Coating and Corrosion Testing. These training programmes are held under specific requests from Industries to suit their own requirements and in their own premises. Industries are welcome to write to the Secretary or to any of the Governing Council Members mentioning areas of interest in which training programmes are required to be organized.

Journal of the Electrochemical Society of India: The society started publishing the Journal, JECSI in short in the year 1950 to give opportunity to young researchers to publish their findings in areas related to Electrochemistry and Allied Subjects. It is published 4 times in the year in the months of January, April, July and October. JECSI has been published continuously and is presently running the 68th Volume. Starting January 2018 (Vol. 68), the Editorial Committee took a decision to publish the journal on-line. Authors now submit their papers on line and the review process also takes place on-line and publication is also on-line. This results in much shorter periods for publication and very quick dissemination. For a copy of the instructions to Authors to submit their papers for publication in JECSI, visit the Website of the Journal ( or the website of the society ( All back issues of the journal may be viewed at

The Journal solicits allied industries to come forward to support the publication cost through release of advertisements or by contributing to the cost of publication.

The Journal also publishes Book Reviews of books submitted to the Society by the Book publishers. For a copy of all books reviewed by the JECSI, see jecsi.bookreviews.